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Industrial Juicer2 300x288 HomeThe late Leodegario B. Payo, Sr. was the founder of Payo Manufacturing Corporation. He married the late Carmen Bachiller and had three siblings.

     He was known to be “The Jack of All Trades”. He was an expert on carpentry, machineries, blacksmith and automotive work. He didn’t do much good with his academics because he only finished grade 5. However he was extremely blessed with knowledge that at a young age he became a consistent Awardee of his invented Corn Mill Apparatus and was very successful in running his own shop.

    The little shop Leodegario Sr. used to run became a family Corporation and was named Payo Manufacturing Corporation. The Corporation is not only limited to the manufacturing of Corn Mill apparatus but it also manufacture all kinds of agricultural products and other post harvest equipments, accessories and other agricultural machineries that are made to order.

   Today, under the management of the Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor Dok Edgar L. Delibo, DMAM the owner of Dok Alternatibo Corporation, the finished products (agricultural machines) of the company have maintained its professional touch and have improved its quality of workmanship and standard. It has never stopped its research and development of its products to achieve excellence in quality service and to deliver the highest standard for the buying public.

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